Gunslingers are gunfighters in the Westward series . They are built from a saloon . In Westward , they are only represented by male personality , similar to the bounty hunters in Westward IV : All Aboard , and there is only one type of them . In Westward II : Heroes of the Frontier , there are male and female gunslingers , but as an improvement to the original game , it has tough gunslingers and nice ones . In Westward III : Gold Rush , there ale male and female gunslingers , but as a improvement they have mexican gunslingers and a secret pumpkin-headed gunslinger , unlocked by burring 24 gunslingers at a cemetery . In Westward IV : All Aboard , they are replaced by bounty hunters . There are no female bounty hunters , neither advanced bounty hunters , and just male bounty hunters .