Haris Pilton is a character in the Westward series . He is a hotel mogul in Westward , but he also appears in Westward II : Heroes of the Frontier , giving you the quest to Tornado Valley , in Westward III : Gold Rush , giving you the quest to Earthquake Valley , and in Westward IV : All Aboard , giving you the quest to Volcano Valley . So far , he is the only character to appear in all the installments . Excepting in Westward , he always gives you quests to places where a specific disaster take place {tornadoes , earthquakes , volcanic eruptions}.


In Westward , he asks you to raise population to 20 , to gain the interest of his hotel chains . Then he asks for 1000 gold and to build a hotel . After that you have gained his interest . He uses the portrait of a mayor .

Westward II : Heroes of the FrontierEdit

In Westward II : Heroes of the Frontier , he asks you to reach a certain population and town happiness in the Tornado Valley , where tornadoes take place very often . He reward you with a enormous sum of gold .

Westward III : Gold RushEdit

In Westward III : Gold Rush , he asks you to create a settlement in the Earthquake Valley , where earthquakes take place very often . By doing so , you receive votes for Jake Baron .

Westward IV : All AboardEdit

In Westward IV : All Aboard , he brings you to the Volcano Valley , where volcanic eruptions take place and nearly everything burns .


  • Haris Pilton is a parody of Paris Hilton , inheritor of the Hilton Hotels .