Westward III: Gold Rush is the third installment of the Westward series.


When gold is discovered in the Northern California wilderness, speculators flock west in hopes of striking it rich. Along the way the kind-hearted, but financially struggling Baron family (a farmer named Jake, his wife Emily, and their son Redd) welcomes three weary travelers into their home and offers them a place to rest. Grateful for their hospitality, the pioneers make a promise to repay the family for their kindness and generosity when they are settled. Unfortunately, a greedy land speculator named Silas McAllister plots to gain control of valuable land and eventually, governorship of California.



Westward III : Gold Rush

The gameplay is similar to Westward II. The player can choose three pioneers, each giving a special bonus in the game. The basic resources are wood and gold, which are used to build; food, used to feed the people; and water, which is required at farms and ranches.

There are two cities where the story takes place, as in Westward II. The player requires experience points to unlock new buildings, which are used to expand the city and hire gunslingers and lawmen to protect it from bandits. The game also has secrets like hidden treasures, secret buildings and many more.

The game also features a sandbox mode, which can be played in three modes: "Open Range", "Disaster Challenge" and "Bandit Showdown." In Open Range, all buildings are unlocked from the start, while in Disaster Challenge, disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes, fires and bandit attacks take place. The player must unlock new buildings using the experience and resources he/she receive as the difficulty increases. In Bandit Showdown, bandit attacks take place very often.

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